Guest’s comments in our Guest Book

October 2023, Stefano & Bianca, Milano
Con questo splendido neve ci siamo sentiti veramente nel relax e nella magia di Natale.

With this splendid snow we truly felt relaxed and in the magic of Christmas.

October 2023 Maryse & Hubert, Berna Svizzera
Noi siamo contenti da venire da voi a Masanti di Sopra nella Terracotta 😊 Grazie millie per tutto un abbraccio.

We are happy to come to you in Masanti di Sopra in Terracotta 😊 Thank you very much for everything, a hug.

September 2023, Sandra & Luciano, Wales
Another great year, great people and place. Hope to see you some time next year. Thank you.

August 2023, Barbara & Domenico, Milano Italia
Posto rilassante, la casetta e fornita di tutto e con buon gusto. Ci siamo trovati proprio bene!

A relaxing place the house has everything you need and is furnished with good taste. We really liked it.

August 2023, Isabelle & Durgenda, Munich/Ingdstadt, Germany
Thank you for being such a beautiful host. We had a lovely time here 🙂 ❤️

August 2023, Alessandra, Felino Parma
E il secondo anno che passo ferragosto qui.. ci sara un motivo!! Cose deliziose e villaggio pacifico what else? Grazie a Suzanne e all prossima.

Its the second year that I have spent ferragosto here, there must be a reason. Delightful house and quiet village what else? Thank you to Suzanne until next time.

July 2023, Jan & Ellen, Hengelo NL
Thank you for the wonderful time and all the supports and advices we have had from the both of you. If we have the opportunity we will definitely come back!

July 2023 Paola, Bibbiano Regio Emilia
Posto meraviglioso Masanti di Sopra, ospitalità ben organizzata e confortevole per chi vuole rilassarsi e avere un contato con la natura e l’ideale sopra tutto e chi vuole stare nel silenzio e nella tranquillità. Grazie! Bravi Suzanne e Pietro!!!

Wonderful place Masanti di Sopra, well organized and comfortable hospitality for those who want to relax and have contact with nature and the ideal above all and those who want to stay in silence and tranquility. Thank you! Well done Suzanne and Pietro!!!

July 2023, Marceau & Lea, Grenoble France
We had an amazing time in this little house. The nature and the roads disconnecting us from the city. The stay here helped us to rest before going back to our road trip. Thank you for all the advices! V to all bikers around here!

April 2023, Andrea & Marisa, Roma
Un accogliente e ben organizzata tiny house. Come nelle migliore fiabe, in un paesaggio fantastico (che per noie e stat una scoperta)!!! E se non hai idee sul da fare c e una biblioteca fantastica di sorprendenti itinerari turistici di ogni tipo!!! Grazie Suzanne e Pietro e alla prossima. x

A welcoming and well organised tiny house. Like in the best fairy tales, in fantastic countryside (which for us has been a fantastic discovery)! And if you don’t know what to do there is a fantastic library of surprising tourist itineraries of type!!! Thank you Suzanne and Pietro until next time. x

April 2023, Michelle & Camilla
Ottimo getaway dalla vita stressante della cita: silenzio, natura e il dolce fruscio del ruscello che ti culla in un ambienti accoglienti e familiare.

A great getaway from the stressful life of the city, silence, nature and the gentle of the murmur of the stream which rocks/lulls you to sleep, a welcoming and familiar environment.

April 2023 Giacomo & Ilaria,
Posto perfetto per rilassarsi e fare passeggiate nei boschi! Casina incantevole, si dorme da Papa!

The perfect place to relax and walk in the woods. A welcoming little house where you sleep like a log.

March 2023, Maaren & Marid, Germany
Thanks a lot for the nice time we had in your tiny house! We enjoyed all of it, including the handsome cat! And for your informations as well!

March 2023, Caroline & Antonio
Ciao Suzanne and Pietro, it was lovely to meet you. Thank you for hospitality and advises, see you in May ❤️.

Novembre 2022, Filippo & Letizia, Firenze
Wonderful stay, wonderful woods, wonderful mushrooms, wonderful weather, wonderful silence, wonderful break from work.1

October 2022, Luca & Giuly
Thank you Suzanne!!! Il posto incantevole, una pace infinito, il luogo ideale per rilassarsi.
An enchanting place, an infinite peace, an ideal place for relaxing.

October 2022, Elena, Milano
Regno di farfalle, api bombi le falene e altre insetti attratti degli splendidi fiori di Suzanne e Pietro. Schiettezze e premurose con concretezze! Grazie!

Kingdom of butterflies, bumble bees, moths and other insects attracted to of the splendid flowers of Suzanne & Pietro. Candid and caring certainties.

September-October 2022, Adrienne & Lukas, Vienna, Austria
The water of the river was turquoise even on a cloudy day! We enjoyed our stay very much and can definitely recommend it! Thank you!

September 2022, Sandra & Luciano, South Wales
Brilliant 2 weeks. Lovely and clean, friendly people. Saving for same next year 2023, hope to see you then. X

September 2022, Francois, Lopealet, France
A spotlessly clean place a hearty welcome and an enchanting area. A very good stay!

August 2022. Zeno & Lorenzo
Giorni bellissimi in un posto incantevole! Soggiorno perfetto.
Beautiful days in an enchanting place! Perfect stay

August 2022, Alessandra, Italy
(and, sometimes, friends and my beloved)
Wonderful stay in my favourite village of the Apennines. Lots of memoirs, hiking, sleeping and meditation. Small but very nice well organised house. I loved it. Suzanne is an amazing host, kind and helpful. I hope to come back soon, in the fall or during winter.

August 2022, Julika & Zora Germany
We had a beautiful and very relaxing time doing nothing and enjoying the nature (especially the river) and the peaceful environment of the house. Suzanne was incredibly welcoming, kind and helpful and we’ll definitely follow more of her amazing tips on our next stay here!

July-August 2022. Barbara, Wien, Austria
Suzanne and Pietro put all their love into creating this magical place. Like the amazing insects in the garden, me, the guests. Fly into be nourished, refreshed and healed. Then we leave, me, take a beam of this loving energy and the Italian sunshine with us to light up so many different places in all over the world. Thats how Suzanne wants it to be ….. (….at least I think so) and sounds like a wonderful life plan to me ❤️. Thank you so much, grazie per tutti, hugs B 🎼

July 2022, Peten & Marghe, Holland
Thank you for everything Suzy! We’ve had a great time and you’re a fantastic host. Nice metting you . All the best for you and Pietro. Blessings.

July 2022, Dennis, New York, USA
What a great cozy get a way! Amazing hosts!!! I will surely return! Thank you, Grazie Millie!

July 2022, Guiseppi & Pietro, Turino

The house was small, well constructed and comfortable …….

June 2022, Giancarlo & Juiseffine, Ventimiglia
Purtroppo e finita la vacanza che e stata veramente rilassante in un ambiente accogliente accompagnate dal suono della ore del campanile! Ritorniamo a casa con un bel ricordo di Suzanne e Pietro. Grazie

Unfortunately its over, the holiday which was truly relaxing in a welcoming environment accompanied by the sound of the bell tower is over! We return home with beautiful memories of Suzanne and Pietro. Thank you

May 2022. Fabio & Mannela, Ravenna
Casaterracotta e bella!! Studiata da Suzanne e Pietro nei particolari! Bellissimo il giardino di Suzanne, Dicendo che Suzanne e Pietro si sono mostrati due otiimi padroni di casa ospitali e cortes. e anche molto disponibili!!!

Casaterracotta is beautiful!! Designed by Suzanne and Pietro in detail! Suzanne’s garden is beautiful. Saying that Suzanne and Pietro showed themselves to be two excellent, hospitable and courteous hosts, and also very helpful!!!

April 2022, Maurits & Cindy, Vianen, Holland
What a lovely place, it felt like home really quick! Thank you for the warm welcome and recommendation of Le Due Spade, it was delicious! We had a great holiday/ pre honey moon 😉 Grazie mille and arriverderci!

April 2022. Aline & Dominik, Cologne, Germany
Thank you for so much for your hospitality and kindness This area is truly magical and stand on its own in Italy. We will definitely be back for more biking trips. Stay safe and healthy.

April 2022, Graham & Ryan, Bristol, UK
We had an incredible time, beautiful house and village. Fantastic hosts, will 100% be looking to come back.

December 2021 January 2022, Chiara e Ruggero, Bologna
“Siamo stati veramente bene in questa casina piccola ma accogliente! Grazier Suzanne per a disponibilità e cortesia. P.S. Buon 2022!!!”❤️

“We had a really good time in this small but cozy house! Thanks Suzanne for your availability and courtesy. P.S. Happy 2022 !!!”❤️

December 2021, Martino & Yasmin, Milano
“CasaTerracotta ci ha accatto in un splendido contesto naturalistico. Abbiamo trascorso dei giorni nella tranquillità e serenità. Ringraziamo Suzanne per i preziosi consigli. Torneremo sicuramente!! Grazie!!”

“CasaTerracotta has welcomed us in a splendid natural surroundings. We spent days in tranquility and serenity. We thank Suzanne for her valuable advice. We will definitely be back !! Thank you!!”

September 2021,Simone & Laura, Sestri Levanti
“Grazie, grazie di tutto. Casa molto accogliente e tranquilla, due giorni rilassanti nella natura. Torneremo molto volentieri!!!”

“Thanks, thanks for everything. A very cosy and quiet house, two relaxing days in nature. We will very gladly be back!!!”

September 2021 Franco & Antonella, Ravenna
“Che dire? Giorni incantevoli, cultura, natura e a fine giornata relax in una casa “bomboniera”, godendo della tranquillità, gustando una bevanda in giardino, guardando l’arrivo della notte.”

“E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle” (Dante, La Divina Commedia)

“What to say? Wonderful days, culture, nature and at the end of the day relax in a cosy, charming and comfortable house, enjoying a drink in the garden, watching the arrival of the night.”

“and thence we came forth to see again the stars” (Dante, The Divine Comedy).

August 2021 Paola Torino
“CasaTerracotta e un posto armonioso e accoglienti, giorni di pace e tranquillità. lontani da tutto, immersi nella natura. Trekking sui monti, bagni nel fiume e la notte, il cielo si riempie di stelle, cosi tante… che non ricordavo …. e stato un piacere! A presto!”

“CasaTerracotta is a harmonious and welcoming place, days of peace and tranquility, away from everything, surrounded by nature. Trekking in the mountains, bathing in the river and at night, the sky is filled with stars, so many… that I didn’t remember…. it was a pleasure! See you soon!”

August 2021, Jenny & Christian, Kiel Germany.
“We had a wonderful and relaxing stay at CasaTerracotta. Suzanne’s tips for hiking were great. Thank you so much for having use here.”😊

“Abbiamo trascorso un soggiorno meraviglioso e rilassante a CasaTerracotta. Il consiglio di Suzanne per l’escursionismo è stati fantastici. Grazie mille per l’ospitalità”😊

August 2021 Maurizio & Cristina, Genova
“Casa e posto incantevoli, regna la pace ambientale ed interiore. Grazie Suzanne.”

“Enchanting house and place, environmental and inner peace reigns Thank you Suzanne.”

August 2021 Seren & Hiroki
“Un’oasi di pace e bellezza, pieno id fiori e gentilezza. Grazie Suzanne per essere così speciale! La Casa Terracotta me ricorda le e stati passate con i miei nonni.”

“An oasis of peace and beauty, full of flowers and kindness. Thanks Suzanne for being so special! CasaTerracotta reminds me of the past times with my grandparents.”

August 2021 Mia & Lorenzo, Parma
“Tutto meraviglioso e caloroso. Masanti e un paese tranquillo and riservato e CasaTerracotta e perfetta per godessi la pace, il silenzio e lat natura. Torneremo sicuramente.”

“All wonderful and warm. Masanti is a quiet and reserved village and Casa Terracotta is perfect for enjoying peace, silence and nature. We will definitely be back.”

August 2021 Monica & Marco Milano
“Se l’anno scorso e stato bello conoscervi, ancora più bello e stato rivederci quest’anno. Grazie per il tempo trascorso insieme e per le “English Chat” 😊. CasaTerracotta e un magnifico rifugio dove abbiamo trascorso delle vacanze davvero rigeneranti.”

“If last year it was nice to meet you, it was even better to meet again this year. Thanks for the time spent together and for the “English Chats” 😊. CasaTerracotta is a magnificent refuge where we spent some truly regenerating holidays.”

July/August 2021 Karolina & Dani, Monaco di Baviera
“Our spontaneous decision to come to CasaTerracotta turned out to be the better half of our vacation and more than we could have imagined. Thank you Suzanne four your time and kindness. We are really looking forward to our next stay in this little paradise!”

“La nostra decisione spontanea di venire a Casa Terracotta si è rivelata essere la metà migliore della nostra vacanza più di quanto avremmo potuto immaginare. Grazie Suzanne per il tuo tempo e la tua gentilezza. Non vediamo davvero l’ora di soggiornare ancora in questo piccolo paradiso.”

July 2021, Foke & Tamme, Olanda Almere-Hout
“Thanks for the staying! It was our first place where we left the car at home and discovered the area by walk to Monte Pelpi and Monte Vaca. The house is very neat! Thanks for the nice gadgets like jam, grappa and biscuits. Ciao”.

“Grazie per il soggiorno! E stato il primo posto in cui abbiamo lasciato l’auto a casa e abbiamo scoperto il territorio a piedi camminando sul monte Pelpi e il Monte Vaca. La casa è molto ordinata! Grazie per I bei doni come la marmellata, la grappa e I biscotti. Ciao!”

July 2021, Elena e Giancarlo, Rovato, Brescia
“È bello dedicarsi del tempo, del tempo per ammirare ciò che ci circonda, del tempo non necessariamente per fare…
Insomma del tempo per stare bene con se stessi e con l’ambiente che ci circonda.
Casa e ospiti perfetti. Baci”.

“It’s nice to take the time, the time to look at what surrounds us, the time not necessarily to do…in short the time to feel good with yourself and with the environment that surrounds us.
Perfect home and hosts. Kisses.”

July 2021, Alejandra & Giovanni, Mompox Colombia
“Nos vamos felices y encantados di vivi una experiencia única Italiana. Este lugar es tan acogedor y autentico gee dificilmente ivemos a olvidar (sobre todo la serpiente 😃). Gracias por acogernos en tan hermoso lugar”.

“We are leaving happily and delighted after having this unique italian experience. This place is so cozy and authentic that is unlikely we’ll never forget (specially the snake) 😄.
Thank you for receiving us into such a beautiful place.”

July 2021, Annalisa & Gianni, Brescia
“Tornare a viaggiare e a didicarci a quello che a piace dopo questo tempo di Covid e’ un dono prezioso e non potevamo trovare un posto mi cuore di questo per riposarci a fine giornata. Sperando di poter tornare presto.. Grazie”.

“Returning to travel and teaching ourselves what we like after this time of Covid is a precious gift and we could not find a place in my heart to rest at the end of the day. Hoping to be back soon .. Thanks

September/October 2020, Giorgio & Melania, Carpegna San Marino
“Scopiere la natura antica anche in giornate di maltempo, andando per boschi, arricchisce di un nuovo legame con questo territorio. Diversi e unici gli angoli che it tempo e madre natura hanno saputo creare a poca distanza l’uno dall’altro. Torneremo” 🍄

“Discovering ancient nature even in days of bad weather, going through the woods, enriches a new bond with this territory. Different and unique corners that time and mother nature have been able to create a short distance from each other. We will come back ”🍄

September 2020 Giulia & Vincenzo, Bollate Milano.
“Posto fantastico……… puoi relassarti, camminare, mangio bene, sprofondare nel sonno. Suzanne e’ un perfetto host …. accogliente, ricce di suggerimenti. Ci torneremo sicuromenti …….. Monte Pelpi ci aspetta! Grazie di tutto!”

“A fantastic place. You can relax, walk eat and sleep well. Suzanne is the perfect host …. welcoming and rich in suggestions. We will certainly return ….. Monte Pelpi is waiting for us! Thank you for everything!”

September 2020, Jurgen & Kim, The Netherlands. 🌷
“We loved driving around and see all the lovely villages and wildlife. Something that we’d never experienced at home. Thanks for the nice stay! Best wishs xx”

August 2020, Monica & Marco Milano.
“Uno gradissimo sorprese. Luoghi meravigliose, una cassetta di Terracotta di grande intimato. Questo e il tempo ritrovato. Suzanne and Pietro come amici di sempre. E già si vuole ritornare. E non dimentichiamo Cat and Pepi!”😺

“A very big surprise. A marvellous place, Casa Terracotta is an intimate little cottage. This is lost time. Suzanne and Pietro are like old friends. And we already want to come back. And not forgetting Cat and Pepi!”😺

July/August 2020, Lea & Max Germany
“Thanks for having us! The perfect escape to relax, hike and enjoy the nature! Both of you were so nice and gave us really good suggestions! We’ll be back.”❤️

July 2020, Tizziana & Stefano Parma
Il tempo scandito dai rintocchi del campanile, si riempe di semplici gesti: passeggiare nella nature, ascoltare it mormorio del ruscello, leggere un libro, riposare lo sguardo e le mente, Suzanne e Pietro accoglienti e discreti. E’ stata la vacanza che volevamo. Grazie!

Time marked by the chiming of the bells, filled with simple gestures: walking in nature, listening to the murmur of the stream, reading a book, resting your eyes and your mind, Suzanne and Pietro are welcoming and discreet. It was the vacation we wanted. Thank you!

July 2020, Ludovico & Giusy Genova
“Tutto molto bello ma durato troppo poco sicuramente torneremo ci mancherà questa tranquillità.”
“Everything is very nice but our stay was too short. We will certainly come back. We will miss the tranquility.”

July 2020, Roberta & Nik Parma
“Casaterracotta e molto accogliente e Masanti un luogo incantevoli, torneremo sicuramente. Grazie” ❤️
“Casaterracotta is very welcoming and Masanti is a charming place, we will definitely return”.❤️

September 2019, Cheryl Holland
“Had another wonderful stay in Casa Terracotta. If feels like home and I do enjoy the peace and tranquility! Back soon, love Cheryl xxxx”

August 2019, Giorgio & Julia Genova
“Purtroppo soggiorno troppo breve per il posto meravigliosa di Suzanne.  Ideale per viete a piede ed in moto.  A presto!!!!
Unfortunately too brief a stay at Suzanne’s wonderful place.  Ideal for walks and motorbike rides.  See you soon!!!!”

August 2019, Jaap & Anneke Netherlands
“Thanks again for your kindness and hospitality. We had a great time! Relaxing, walking and swimming under the waterfall! Happiness ♥️”

July 2019, Emilie & Alf, Oslo/Tromso Norway
“CasaTerracotta was perfect and so lovely for our road trip! We saw Cinque Terre, Bedonia, Bardi and Parma, ate our way through pasta and gelato. Suzanne is such a great host, with plenty of good tips around. If she has advice to give, our suggestion ie to take it”.

July 2019, Lydie, Marc & Leni, Southern Germany
“We stayed here with our 7 month old daughter and we enjoyed is so much. Thank you Suzanne for being such a great host and for taking so good care of everything”

June 2019, Francesca, Elisabeth & Luigi, Germany/NL
“First time with our daughter and she really enjoyed it. Good solution with the portable mattress. We enjoyed our stay as usual, we had lovely time and talked a lot …. about football 😊 Will be back for the next European Cup!!!”…

June 2019, Cheryl, Netherlands
“Lovely stay yet again! Always welcoming tranquil, beautiful and sooooo enjoyable – I think I might just stay forever! Thanks for all your care and help – I had a wonderful time! ❤️ xxxC”

May 2019, Rob & Irene, Netherlands
“Back again! Casa Terracotta was like our second home. It is a wonderful place! Now we have found our own home in Masanti and for sure we will see each other 😊 Love xxx R&I”

May 2019, Wilfred, Nederlands
“Thanks for staying at your house, it was very comfortable. We did not see each other a lot, maybe next time. Thanks for the tips and tricks buying a house in the surrounding. May be will become neighbours 🙂 Arrividerci and ci vedaimo. Grazie!”

May 2019, Bruce & Lauri, Australia
“We loved our stay at Casa Terracotta – exploring the small towns and driving the windy roads. The scenery along the was was stunning. Never to be forgotten. The rain cleared for us to see some more beautiful countryside. Thank you from us L & B”

April 2019, Joao & Isabella, France
“Una casa molto confortevole e accogliente. Pensata benissimo nei suoi dettagli e molto pulito. Suzanne e una signora molto gradevole e accogliente. Questa casa mi ha permesso di tornare della mia famiglia serenamente. Torneremo. Grazie Suzanne”
“A very comfortable and welcoming house. Every detail thought about and very clean. Suzanne is a very kind and welcoming lady. This place made it possible to visit my family with serenity. We will be back. Thank you Suzanne.”

March 2019, Cheryl Olanda
“Back again! Masanti is also gorgeous in March, beautiful spring flowers! Had a wonderful time and already planning the next visit. Thanks for everything Suz + Pietro. xxx”

February 2019, Irene & Rob, The Netherlands
“Thanks for the fantastic stay and lovely place! Also thanks for all the help Suzanne and Pietro and we see you soon in April/Mei. xxx”.

December 2018, Luca & Frederica, Milano
“Casetta accogliente e confortevole! Ideale per qualche giorno di relax e scappere dallo stress cittadino! Grazie Suzanne per l’ospitalita. Buon 2019.”
“A small comfortable and welcoming house! Ideal for a few days relaxing away from the stress of the city! Thank you Suzanne for your hospitality.”

November 2018, Cheryl, Olanda
“Few days R&R in Masanti was just what I needed. Wonderful to be here. Thank you for looking after me – I have loved it (as always)!”

October 2018, Mejo & Jacqueline, Netherlands
“Thank you so much for the lovely apartment! So clean! And with anything you will need. Hope to see you again, bye bye”.

September 2018, Luciano & Sandra, South Wales
“Lovely place within easy reach of Bedonia and Bardi. Nice and peaceful and Suzanne and Pietro lovely people. Hope we can come can stay again soon”.

September 2018, Alistair & Sandra, Sufflok UK
“My third visit and as tranquil and divine as always. Wonderful hosts! xxx”

August 2018, Constanza & Andrea, Milano Italy
“Casetta confortevole in ogni suo dettaglio. Ideale per rilassarsi e trascorrere qualche giorno immersi nella natura locale. Tornereme”.
“Little house comfortable in every detail. Ideal for relaxation and spending a few days immersed in the local nature. We will come back”

August 2018, Jaap & Anneke Netherlands
“Dear Suzanne and Pietro. Thanks a lot for your kindness and hospitality! We will come back soon! Thank you!”❤️

July 2018, Efraim and Fairuza, Netherlands
“Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. After Napoli rest is what we needed. Peace is what we wanted, this all is what we’ve got. thanks to you ❤️”.

June 2018 Cheryl, Olanda
“I love this place. It is just wonderful. Thanks for a fantastic stay. Had a brilliant time and the walks around here are beautiful. Back soon I hope! xxxx”

May 2018 Ruth, Abergavenny UK
“Lovely to return to this area and what a great place to stay – big nature, utterly charming and wonderful to meet you Suzanne. Thank you xx”

May 2018 Aileen and Franzi, Germany
“Best place to enjoy nature!”

May 2018 Doga and Alberto, Turkey/Italy
“What a lovely place, in the middle of nature! We enjoyed our time in here and relaxed by listening to birds in the mornings 🙂 Thanks for all to Suzanne and Pietro for their kindness and hospitality. Hope to be back soon :)”

March 2018 Patricia, Paris France
“This place is like a second home to me! It is my 6th time at least, and not the last! xxx”

October 2017 Deb & Mike, Ottawa, Canada
“Thank you Suzanne and Pietro for your warm welcome to your beautifully restored cottage. We appreciated the wealth of information in your books and mags. collection and from you personally about the local walks, We so much enjoyed interactions with the friendly people of this area! The best to you both! Mike & Deborah”.

October 2017 Anne & Livio, Roma Italy
“We had a wonderful stay in this little cottage! We enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks a lot and we will come back!”

September 2017 Luigi & Elisabeth, Germany
“It always feels like coming home”.

September 2017 Cheryl & Toon, Olanda
“Thank you Suz and Pietro for a wonderful stay in CasaTerracotta! Very healing for the soul! Had a wonderful time, this is a magnificent place and I am very sorry to leave! Will be back …..”

August 2017 Oskar & Andrea, Sweden & Germany
“Casa Terracotta was our dream stay for a romantic bella Italian trip. We took it very easy and just enjoyed life, ended up making our own ravioli and hiked to a bar near by. Thank you Suzanne”

August 2017 Francesca & Paolo, Monza Italy
“Una settimana di relax nell silenzio assoluto!! Casa splendida ….. una bomboniere. Grazie a Suzanne and Pietro per l’ospitalite e la disponibilite.”

August 2017 Cath & Meic, Morgan Wales
“We came here to take part in Feste dell’Emigrante in Bardi (excellent) but found so much more – a beautiful, exciting region, and every recommendation of Suzanne’s was a treat (Il Due Spade, Oppici, S.Stefano chairlift etc) Thanks Suzanne & Pietro x”

August 2017 Jeris & Fieke, Utrecht The Netherlands
“Loved our stay, nice quiet village and beautiful surroundings. Great!”

July 2017 Anais & Samuel, Paris France
“We had a short but wonderful time here, thanks to Suzanne’s kindness and hospitality. Thank you.”

May 2017 Dom & Carol, Nottingham England
“Had a wonderful time exploring Dominic’s roots in Bardi. Suzanne was very friendly and helpful. Lovely walk to Mt Coloreci and along the river near Bardi. Thank you xx”

April 2017 Pelusa & Luis B, Argentina
“Hermosos dias de relajación y contemplaciones lindisimo lugar hermoso gente y excelente atención Bedonia fue e l lupor donde mi nono vino al mundo y desdo hoy sera el mio. Muchicious gracias Suzanne y Pietro”.
Beautiful days of reflection and contemplation. Very beautiful place / beautiful people and excellent attention. Bedonia was the place where my grandad was born and from now on is and always will be my place in the world too. Thank you so much

April 2017 Dan & Sarai, Oregon USA
“Such a lovely place, everything so well thought out. We were only here one short night but Suzanne you were so wonderful. Thank you! For your hospitality”.

September 2016 Cheryl & Toon, Holland
“Wonderful stay at CasaTerracotta. Masanti is a gorgeous village, the walking and wildlife ar brilliant and Suz and Pietro are fantastic hosts! Thanks a million for everything!”

August 2016 Kate & Maarten, Belgium
“We felt right at home here and had a lovely relaxing time. Thank you Suzanne for being such an amazing host. We would have loved staying longer! Hope to see you again!”

August 2016 Verena & Sebastian, Dusseldorf Germany
“The words “lovely” and “cosy” were invented for this place. The area was really pretty as well and Casa Terracotta was a great base to explore it! Thanks for all the tips and kind words. Best wishes!”

August 2016 Ania & Adam, London England
“Really great house and hospitality and the area is so beautiful. Swimming in the river was amazing.”

August 2016 Stephanie & Mathieu, Paris France
“Perfect place and host for peaceful and restful stay. Suzanne is adorable and full of good advices. Thanks a lot!”

August 2016 Marie & Adrien, Paris France
“Suzanne is an excellent host! The whole experience was fantastic, we loved swimming in the river Ceno Masanti!”

July 2016 Tania & Boyan, Ede Holland
“We had a great holiday in Casa Terracotta. Thank you for everything. We hope to be back one time. Best wishes!”

July 2016 Patricia & Bolazs, Budapest Hungary
“Thank you for the beautiful casa, friendliness, the chat last evening and the sicilian wine. Best wishes Koszonjuk!”

July 2016 Leva & Justas, Kaunas Lietuva (Lithuania)
“We really enjoyed staying here at Casa Terracotta Suzanne is very thoughtful, friendly and helpful. The place was extremely clean, tidy and cozy. We wish we had stayed longer. It is a place where you would love to come back. Thank you, best wishes!”

July 2016 Shona & Jonah, Auchendinny Scotalnd
“Thank you both for a fantastic stay in the beautiful Casa Terracotta it was all we hoped for and more, You both made us feel so welcome and were so helpful. Now we don’t want to leave! Hope to see you again”.

July 2016 Elisabeth & Luigi, Eppilige Germany
“Cosy little place with everything you need. Thank you and grazie for your outstanding hospitality. We will be back. E&L”

June 2016 Renske & Yaela, The Netherlands
“We have enjoyed staying at Casa Terracotta! The area is stunning and the walk to the top of Monte Pelpi was great 🙂 We hope to be back.”

June 2016 Konstantina & Stelios, Greece
“We had a great time and enjoyed the nature as much as we could. Thank you for this little, cosy lovely house and for all your help. Looking forward to seeing you again in Crete when you get the chance. Best wishes xxx”

September 2015 Cheryl & Toon Almere Holland
“Casa Terracotta is a gorgeous as ever! Thanks so much Suz & Pietro (&Cat) for making this a wonderful holiday and just for being lovely people! Saw some beautiful castles and had some lovely walks. I just don’t want to leave! Will be back! xxx”

September 2015 Dr McConnell Consultant Eye Surgeon, Kent
“Great!!! And wow to the local food. Thanks Sue and Pietro Love John” – I think I cant read the good doctors writing!

August 2015 Mathilde et son grand pere Pepino, France
“Merci Suzanne pour ce petit coin de paradis, à l’abri de la pollution et du bruit. Masanti est superbe, la maison jolie et disposant de tout le nécessaire…
Nous reviendrons!
Merci encore à tous les deux. M&P”
“Thank you Suzanne for this little corner of paradise, away from pollution and noise. Masanti is very charming, the house is beautiful and there is everything you need in it. We’ll be back! Thanks again to you both.”

August 2015, Nicola Executive Marketing Director Folkestone Kent
“What a fantastic few days, I’d forgotten what “silence” and peace and quiet were like. Total switch off. many thanks for such superb hospitality. We’ll be back. N xx”

August 2015 Bono & Steph Scotland & London UK
“We had a lovely time at Casa Terracotta, lovely to spend time with Suzanne and Pietro again who were wonderful hosts. With a few nice walks and a cycle to Bard: it was great to relax and switch off. Thanks and see you soon. xx”

June 2015, Hannah & Jon, Leeds UK
“Fantastic location and lovely little house – all we cold have hoped for in our holiday with everything we needed. Thank you Suzanne & Pietro!”

May 2015, Kevin & Menna, Wales UK
“Stayed here literally by accident. Crashed my motorbike down the road whilst on tour. Pietro came to my rescue, collected my bike and let me stay in this beautiful apartment. Could not thank Pietro and Suzanne enough. They have been most welcoming and made the whole ordeal quite pleasant. I will always have fond memories of them and the place. Would definitely consider a return visit”.

May 2015, Sherry & Wilda, Oregon USA.
“We had a great restful time! It was refreshing to have a bit of quite time after being surrounded by lots and lots of people! Enjoyed visiting you both and thanks for making us feel welcome”.

April, May 2015 Patrica, Paris
“Back for the 5th time, can nearly call this place home! Pietro made a gem of this place (look at the “before and after” pics). Thank you so much for your help and especially your company. Be back soon! XXX”

April 2015 Hannah & Andreas, Bavaria
“Wir kamen zufällig in dieses wundervoll renovierte haus! Und haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt!”
“We accidentally came across this wonderfully renovated house, and we felt ourselves at home!”

September 2014 Lina & Joe, Malta
“We had a wonderful time at Casa Terracotta. The house is very well appointed and Suzanne’s tips and info were very welcome. Best wishes.”

September 2014 Mari & Garry, Cymru il Galles
“We’ve had a lovely time staying in Casa Terracotta. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and for providing such useful guidance and information during our stay. Diolch yn fawr x.”

August/September 2014 Cheryl & Toon, Almere The Netherlands
“Back for the 5th time! Visited places I have loved before and new places still to see! Thank you Suzanne & Pietro for a wonderful warm welcome and fantastic holiday. See you soon.”

August 2014 Patricia & Richard, Paris France
“Thank you so much for your help and your company. The house is such a comfy little nest I’d like to call mine. Be back very soon”.

August 2014 Jamie & Alberto, USA/Chile
“We had a lovely experience here! The Casa is perfect for two people, comfortable and clean. It was refreshing after a long journey. Thank you for helping us have a great experience here, you two are very kind and so fun! Hope to come back soon!”

July/August 2014 Berta & Herman, Assen, The Netherlands
“We really enjoyed our pleasant stay at your Casa Terracotta – Relaxed … and we loved the nature and the village and the atmosphere.”

July 2014 Patricia & Brian, Norwich, England

“Casa Terracotta is 100% as advertised and more! It is comfortable, cosy, modern and ideal for a base for walking and sightseeing. It was great to ‘come home’ to the days we went out and also restful and a relaxing place to be anytime of the day. Thank you Suzanne & Pietro for providing useful guidance on places to walk/visit etc and your friendly welcome and assistance during out stay. x”

June 2014 Sabrina & Markus, Freising, Germania (Bavaria)
“Una bella vacanza nell’ Appennino Emiliano e Ligure in “Casa Terracotta”. Un posto semplice, tranquillo and accogliente …. Con una scala di legno molto originale 🙂 Bravi Suzanne & Pietro”.
“A lovely holiday in the Apennines of Emiliana/Liguria in “Casa Terracotta”. A place; uncomplicated, tranquil and welcoming ….. with unusual wooden stairs. 🙂 Well done Suzanne & Pietro.”

April 2014, Patricia, Linas France
“Que demander de plus? Nul besoin d’aller ailleurs pour découvrir la vraie, l’authentique Italie. Beaucoup de destinations touristiques sont à moins de deux heures de route, avec le plaisir de se retrouver le soir dans ce petit nid douillet. C’est la troisième fois que je séjourne ici, vous ne serez pas deçu!”
“Away from it all and yet close to so many beautiful destinations, many of which are a little more than an hours’ drive away! I’ll be back to comfy cosy Casa Terracotta anytime. Its my third so far! Thank you so much.”

March 2014, Lovely Racheal & Alistair, Ipswich UK
“Lovely few days away from it all. Thank you for all the tips on where to go! Lovely going up the mountain in the snow. Will be back xxx”

Dec/Jan 2013/14, Livia & Luigi, Rostelli Milano
“Ci siamo ritrovati a Casa Terracotta per un Capodanno diverso dal solito … ed e stata un’esperienza indimenticabile!! Posto bellissimo, casa piccola ma super efficiente ed accogliente, e Suzanne e stata sempre gentile, disponibile e discreta! Fantastico!!”
“We went to CT for a different kind of New Year …. And it was an unforgettable experience!! A lovely place the house was small and efficient and welcoming, Suzanne was always helpful, available and discrete. Fantastic!!”

Sept/Oct 2013, Sue & Eddie, London
“We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay on your interesting little cottage. Thank you both for your hospitality.”

September 2013, Cheryl & Toon, Almera Netherlands
“Even 4th time around so many things to see. Lots of new walks, abbeys to visit and even a Roman archaeological site! Still loads to see! Thanks Suz & Pietro for your wonderful hospitality – not only attentive hosts but just plain fun! Love Cheryl!

August 2013, Anglea & Stefano, Rimini
“Valeva la pena di far tanta strada per arrivare fin qui! Incantevole! Grazie Suzanne and Pietro per la calda accoglienza and la loro disponibilità!” “(It was well worth the travel to get here, enchanting. Thank you Suzanne and Pietro for the warm welcome and helpfulness!)”

July 2013, Patricia, Linas, France
“Thank you Suzanne and Pietro for all your help during my stay. Great hospitality in a cute cozy comfortable little home. Love Patricia”.

July 2013, Christina & Wilhelm, Perth, Australia
“Thank you Suzanne for such lovely hospitality – you are a wealth of information!!! We loved the peacefulness of the village and the lovely restaurant down the road – such a delight. See you next time all the way from Oz. Christina & Wilhelm”.

June 2013, Sara & Daryl, Paignton Devon, UK
“Came to relax and unwind – which is what we wanted and got – loved the scenery and towns we visited. Local food superb. Thank you Suzanne & Pietro we will highly recommend!”

April 2013, Jane & Clive, Canterbury, UK.
“Fantastic environment for the perfect chill out! Comfortable, lovely house with everything we needed. Suzie & Pete have made our holiday! Thank you.”

September – October 2012, Cheryl & Toon, Almere, Holland.
“Back for the third time and we still have only managed to see a small part of this wonderful place. Casa Terracotta is as beautiful as ever and Suz & Pietro’s hospitality is wonderful. We will come back soon!”

September 2012, Nobuko & Alexander, London, UK.
“We had a lovely time in this cute house with everything we needed! Thank you so much Suzanne for all your guidance and help! The mountains, rivers, seaside, good food, Parma etc etc had to cram everything in a week which was not enough. We will miss our little adventurous holiday, back to work arrhh! Lots of love.”

August 2012, Patricia & Richard, Linas, France.
“This is a very nice place. The house is lovely and so comfortable. Thanks to Suzanne & Pietro, Richard and Patricia.”

August 2012, Michel, France
“Un gite très agréable aménagé avec gout,on s’y sent bien. L’endroit est très calme, de bonnes nuits en perspective. Situé à basse altitude dans une région montagneuse la température baisse la nuit et vous permet de respirer quand les journées sont très chaudes. La région est magnifique il y a de très belles balades à faire dans le coin. Les gens de cette région sont sympathiques et très simples, comme la cuisine locale ecxellente. Le couple de propriétaire (anglo italien) du gite saura vous recevoir, vous ne serez pas déçus.” (“A nice cozy holiday home arranged with taste. The surroundings are quiet and can ensure you a good night’s sleep. Located at low altitude in a mountainous region the temperature drop at night allows to breathe when the days are hot. The area is beautiful, there are lovely walks to do nearby. The people of the region are very friendly and very simple and the local cooking is excellent. The Anglo-Italian owners will make you feel at home, you will not be disappointed.”)

August 2012, Elenar & Stefano, Milano
“Due giorni incantevoli, casa accogliente e molto bella, zone splendide, tranquillita assoluta. Grazie Suzanne & Pietro per averci dato la vacanza che cercavamo a presto!””(Two charming days, very pretty and welcoming house in a splendid area, absolute tranquillity. Thank you Suzanne and Pietro for the warm welcome and giving us the holiday we were looking for. See you soon)!”

April 2012. Amanda & Jerry, Eastbourne, England
“We had a wonderful time, Casa Terracotta is superb. Sue and Pietro have done a great job and are excellent hosts. Thanks x”

Oct/Nov 2011. Mima & Antonio, Milano, Italy.
“Un posticino davvero carino oltreche tranquillo, confortevole e molto accogliente. Delizioso! Si sta bene e ritornero volentieri. Grazie!” (A charming little place which is also tranquil, comfortable and very welcoming. Delightful! A nice stay and we will happily come back. Thank you!).

August 2011. Simona & Guiseppe, Pavia, Italy.
“La ‘Casa di Terracotta’ accogliente e romantica e circondata dalla natura, dai castelli e dalle acque rinfrescanti e cristalline del ceno ….. una breve, ma indimenticabile vacanze.” (Casa Terracotta is welcoming and romantic, it is surrounded by nature, castles and the waters of the Ceno are refreshing and crystalline …. a short but unforgettable holiday!)

June 2011. Carole & Danny, Cleethorpes, England.
“Couldn’t of asked for more – everything you need, provided to make the perfect holiday. Thank you!”

May 2011. Cheryl & Toon, Almere, Olanda.
“Wonderful to be back! Casa Terracotta is as gorgeous as ever. The area is equally – if not more – beautiful in the spring as in the autumn. Monte Pelpi was great – now Lago Nero! Thank you so much Suzanne (& Pietro and Cat!) for a wonderful holiday.”

Sept 2010. Susan & Gary, Wilton, Salisbury.
“Such a beautiful setting – comfortable and well equipped Casa Terracotta – and superb hospitality from Suzanne and Pietro what more could we want? We shall return!!”

July 2010. Wanda & Karel, Holland
“We had wonderful weeks in Casa Terracotta, but above all: Suzanne and Pietro were fantastic!! Good advices, excellent support. Grazie Mille!”

Sept – Oct 2009. Sophia & Simon, Holland
“We had a wonderful staying in the charming ‘Casa Terracotta’! Surprised by the quietness. We enjoyed to watch the Italian country-life from so close”.

Sept 2009. Margot & Romano, Deutschland
“Haben uns bei Suzanne sehr wohl gefühlt. Alles sehr gemütlich u. adrett. Zum erholen zu empfehlen”.(“We felt very good to stay with Suzanne. Everything was very pleasant and they were very kind. It is a place to revisit and to recommend”).

Aug-Sept 2009. Cheryl & Toon, Almere, Holland
“Gorgeous house, stunning countryside, excellent food and wonderful hospitality from Suzanne & Pietro. Fantastic holiday. Can’t wait to come back. Een echte aanrader! Mille grazie!”

July 2009. Claire & Brian, Oxford
“Casa Terracotta is perfect to explore this area. A cute little house just right for two, with beautiful woods and views all around. We have had a lovely week and couldn’t have had a warmer welcome. Ciao x”

June 2009. Luisa & Aldo, Milano
“We were pleased to return to ‘Casa Terracotta’ this year as well. See you next time!!”

December Christmas 08. Floor & Guido, Holland
“We had a beautiful X-mas in your nice and warm ‘Casa Terracotta!’ Thank you very much! All the best for 2009.” Guido and Floor XXX (“We hadden een fantastische Kerst in jullie mooie en warme Casa Terracotta. Bedankt! Een goed 2009.” Guido en Floor, Holland).

October 08. Belinda & Karl, Hadleigh, Suffolk
“Absolutely loved staying in this charming house in its beautiful location. The house was everything you could hope for – clean, well equipped, great location, quirky but also modern – it would please anyone. Thank you very much”!

October 08. Antoinette & Gert, Baalman, Holland
“We had a wonderful stay in your Terracotta house! Absolutely everything we needed was there. We’ll surely come back and wish you good luck for the future with this guest house!”

June 08. Griselda & Andrew
“We said we would be back and here we are! Its even more beautiful and we have had a lovely relaxing stay with delicious meals in the local restaurants. Thank you!”

Maggio 08. Luisa & Aldo, Milano
“Una bella settimana di relax e tranquillita’ in un ambiente delizioso e confortevole da consigliare agli amici. Grazie”. (A lovely week of relaxation and tranquility in delightful and comfortable surroundings to tell friends about. Thank you).

February 08. Griselda & Andrew, Faversham, Kent
“We have loved staying here, so charming! everything so welcoming, practical and spotlessly clean. You have gone to so much trouble – DVDs very good. Fabulous area too – so many beautiful places to see. Thank you! We’ll be back”.